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February 2020 SALE

ONE hour appointments ONLY are $40 in

February, 2020


Pain free electrolysis treatment


Free Consultation

Pain Killers

Store Hours

We offer local anesthesia treatments. Patients will feel NO PAIN whatsoever.

We get lots of questions about electrolysis and how it works. It is difficult to explain everything on the website and this is why we offer you a free 30 minute consultation. Go ahead and schedule your free consultation now and we'll explain everything you need to know and answer all your questions during the free consultation.

According to the Cosmetology Board of Michigan, we are not allowed to provide you or apply any pain medication before, during or after the treatment. However, you can still ask us what works best and we will advise you on what some of our clients use.



If you already know what kind of pain medication works for you and you come to the office with cream already applied, we will still be able to do the electrolysis treatment

for you.


We are open every day including weekends.