Electrolysis Case Studies at Hair Busred


Before and After

1. PCOS case with difficult, coarse hairs. Femlae, in her early 30s. Below picture is before first clea up.

Week later after first clean up. There were so many hairs we had to remove every other hair otherwise it would create second degree burns.

This is the picture before second clean up. We were pleased by the result because not many hairs re-grew.


We will keep you posted on the progress.

2. PCOS case again with stubburn hair which was plucked, tweezed, waxed and yet, this case was one of the luckiest because the hairs responded to the treatments rapidly which I do not see so often.

NOTE: Before pitures did not come out well, but there were lots of hais. The right picture shows the amount most, yet, whole face was covered. The treatment took 2 hours total.

Before second clean up: to my surprise clean up took only 35 min.

Before third clean up: we still used 35 min. However, there were no more coarse hairs left and we decided to clean thinner hairs as well, the ones that client did not consideder first two times.

3. Underarms / ATTENTION: these underarms never been waxed, plucked, or pulled out from the skin in other ways, so, they are responding faster

Before 1st clean up

After / Bruises are from local anesthesia injections

Bruses will go away, they are no peranent

Before 2nd clean up


Before 3rd clean up


4. RED MARKS OR LONGER HEALING: with some of us skin may heal longer. In other words, treated area is healed but there are redness. It's up to the indivudual. These are not permamnet, so we neeed patience and time to allow these to heal.

Both these cases are after 4 months treatment, as you see it's annoingly slow. Not everyone will respons like this. Again, it depends on your body and it's biochemistry.


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Electrolysis was invented in 1875 by an eye-doctor who was trying to treat his patients who had ingrown eyelashes and since that time on electrolysis has proven itself to be the only “permanent” hair removal method that actually works. If you don't believe us you can check out the FDA website. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved “permanent” hair removal method.


You can have confidence that the FDA has approved Electrolysis for use in removing unwanted hairs permanently. It's a great solution to help you feel happy and beautiful.


When it comes to permanently removing unwanted hair, electrolysis us the results and confidence every step of the process.





Is the Electrolysis treatment painful?


Some people may feel more discomfort than others. Interestingly, laser hair removal can be more [painful] than electrolysis.


People who’ve been waxing for some time, have found their skin to be more desensitized. Therefore, they may handle the electrolysis treatments much better.

Are there any foods/drinks that I cannot have before an electrolysis treatment?


Try not to drink coffee or anything with caffeine in it because it may make you extra sensitive. The Electrolysis treatment is more comfortable if you are relaxed.

Pain killer suggestions


You can consider using over the counter drugs. We all are different and need to experiment a little bit to find out what works for each of us. We have collected this data from clients who have successfully used these methods. We always recommend you ask your doctor first, they’ll] definitely suggest something. Meanwhile, over the counter drugs still remains one of the easiest and most affordable solutions for reducing the discomfort.


There are many over the counter and alternative solutions that may help a lot. We have made a booklet that includes all of these solutions and suggestions. You’ll need to experiment and see which one works best for you. And we always recommend that you ask to your doctor first.

Is it OK to have an electrolysis done while I’m having my period?


It is OK to have an appointment during that time. However, it’s best to have the treatment done when you’re not having your period because you’re more sensitive. We have treated many women who  haven’t had any issues but there are some who are easily irritated and don’t take electrolysis too well at that time. If you are more sensitive, then please make sure your appointment is not at the same time as your period.

What we have learned from our clients


“Instead of using ice-cubes, pour water into a Ziploc freezer bag and freeze it flat. This kind of ice pack is so much more convenient and effective” Nicole B.


“Hair comes out from your logo animation and disappears in the air? If it falls to the floor, it will better convey the concept of your company.” Chandini Y


“Vaseline can do wonders to your ingrown hairs. Apply to the skin before bed time and in the morning your skin will be soft enough to release ingrown hairs.” Queen

Three modalities of electrolysis are:





Electolysis is the original method of hair removal when it was invented. Patient holds the electrode in the hand, current is applied and lye production us stimulated. Hairs are removed as a result. For electrolysis direct current is used, it takes more time and is more painful to compare to thermolysis.


Thermolysis is the faster version of electrolysis and does exactly the same with less time and pain. For thermolysis alternate current is used.


Blend = electrolysis + thermoysis. This method is also more time consuming and painful because electrolysis is ivolved.

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