Galvanic Facial


Galvanic facial or Cataphoresis is the treatment with electricity that tights up the ssuggy skin, phores, adds the PH balance, prevents wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. It also makes people feel good because iit adds the electricity to the heart.


We place the wet mask on client's face and apply the electric currnt that feels tingly or gives a metalic taste in the mouth almost like we have the penies in the mouth. These are the indication that curret is runing through your body, relaxing your brain and adding the electrolystes to your heart.








We are now offering regular cataphoresis treatments.


This is when you think you need additional cataphoresis for better results. Everyone gets free cataphoresis at the end of every electrolysis session but if you would like to speed up the healing of your skin we highly recommend you to do extra cataphoresis sessions.


10 minutes


Face, Neck & Chest

Face and Hands

$40 Cash       $45 Credit

$60 Cash       $65 Credit

$55 Cash       $60 Credit





Packages are vailable for psychology refferals. Please, call or text to get the price at 248-505-0064.

Thank you!







Face, Neck & Chest

Face and Hands

Price Updates


These will be the prices from March 1st, 2020

Our Clients Enjoying The Cataphoresis