Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method that works.


It started in 1875 as an ingrown eyelash removal. Since then electrolysis proved to be successful for any skin color, race, gender, nationality, transgender and of course people of any age and any body part.


It is FDA approved and totally safe.


A fine metal probe is gently inserted into the hair follicle. This part of the procedure is absolutely painless because our hair sits in the natural cavity of the skin.


When the probe reaches the bottom of the hair, heat is applied by an electrologist. Heat might be uncomfortable for some people, while it can be just a tingling sensation for others. Heat only lasts a FRACTION of a second.


Once the heat is applied, an electrologist will slide the hair out. This part of the procedure is also painless. If you feel pain when an electrologist is releasing the hair, it means they're not doing it right, and they're plucking.

Electrolysis is for just about anyone who needs it. It can be done on any skin color, race, gender, nationality, transgender and of course people of any age and any body part. It works for everyone.

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Permanent hair removal

by electrolysis

Electrolysis is the ony permanent hair removal method which is equally effective for women,

men, and individuals who are transitioning.

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We now offer treatments with local anesthesia for those who are sensitive to pain. With this method patient will feel NO PAIN. You will not be able to book anesthesia treatments online.Please, call or text to schedule local anestesia with us.

Please, review updates on ANNOUNCEMENTS page, it affects the packages. Packages will have expiration dates. Please, read the details.

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Our staff is fully vaccinated


Starting at 9:00am on Saturday, May 15th, fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear a face mask indoors. As a reminder, people are considered fully vaccinated:


* 14 days after the second dose if given a two-dose vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna).

* 14 days after the one dose if given a one-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson).

Individuals who are not fully vaccinated need to continue to wear a mask indoors and social distance to protect themselves and others.



Electrolysis is approved by FDA as the only permanent hair removal method.


We do not take responsibility for previous hair removal methods like laser hair removal or previous electrolysis treatments that were not done by us.


Laser hair removal is temporary reduction not permanent removal. Laser does not stop hair growth permanently.

Hairs treated by laser take around 3-5 years to come back. In some cases, hairs might come back right away. That's why we do not take responsibility for any previous laser treatments.

We only guarantee our work.




Due to Coronavirus outbreak we are taking strict pre-cautions to prevent it spreading. If you have signs of the virus such as caugh, temperature, short of breath, please, cancel the appointment and seek medical help.

Thanks and  stay safe!

Privacy Policy

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