Ingrown Eyelash Removal

Ingrown eyelash is called Trichiasis (pronunciation: \tri-ˈkī-ə-səs\). It's a general term for Dischiasis and Entropion and both refer to the ingrown eyelash.


There are two most common types of ingrown eyelashes. One it's when eyelash grows to the wrong direction inside the eyelid skin and is called Entropion.


Another of ingrown eyelash is called Dischiasis and it is the case when eyelash grows towrds the eye and poking it. They can be removed by an electrolysis permanently.


It is delicate work and we are handling it with extreme care. Please see the pictures of ingrown eyelashes below. You can read more about ingrown eyelashes here




Procedure of ingrown eyelash ------   $65


Ingrown eyelashes




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