TCA Case Studies at Hair Busted

Case 1 - All three peels light, medium, and deep

This is the demo of how peels are working and what to expect.

Medium Peel





Light peel looks and feels like expholiation so we did not post pictures here. The images below are the peeling after medium peel. Unfortunately we did not get good ones but ther are some areas that we still see some peeling.

Deep Peel

Deep peel was more fortunate in regards of pictures. We documented the peeling better.

Day 3

Day 5

This was the day when we caught the most peelings on camera.

Day 7

At this point a skin is getting removed slwoly and we see less and less peelngs.

Skin on the forehead and upper lip looks amazing! Smooth and fresh!

Day 9

At day 10 skin mostly cleared from peelings and nice "baby" skin is formed